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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

GEOS - Never and Always (Do's and Dont's )

Learning GEOS

GEOS - Never and Always (Do's and Dont's )

- when you are not using your disks, keep them in their sleeves and away from all electronic or magenetic equipment. do not lay them on top of the monitor or computer power supply.

- always close the disk drive after inserting any disk into the disk drive

- never remove a disk from the disk drive on the desktop , or while you are using an application . without first closing the disk ( unless you are specifically
asked to do so by a dialog box )

- Always create and use work disks . Use the System disk only for booting or to rearrange your default files.

- Never create a document on an original disk ( i.e. one that comes with your GEOS package ). Copy the applications onto work disks and create your documents from there. If however , you do inadvertenly create a document on an applications disk follow this procedure .

1) Copy the document to a work disk (if you wish to save it ).
2) Remove the document from there to the applications disk by dragging it to the border , depositing it there , then dragging it to the waste
basket to delete it

- Always make backup disks containing your document files in case your disk becomes damaged .

- never give two disks the same name : it is too easy for you and your computer to confuse the two. If one disk is to be a backup , vary its name slightly . For example , the backup for a disk called "Limericks" could be named Limericks 2" or "Limerick Backup".

- Never turn off your computer or reboot it if you are in application .
Go to the deskTop and close the disk before you exit the GEOS system.

learning GEOS

full Learning GEOS Graphic Environment and Operating System 2.0 Version

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