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Friday, August 11, 2006

IBM Computer Diagnostics : Error and Beep Codes

IBM Computer Diagnostics

Error and Beep Codes

The following table includes some of the more common printed error codes that might be displayed when your vintage or non vintage IBM computer is performing the power-on self test (POST).

- record error codes that are displayed. If you need to call for help it will be best to be able to provide the error codes.

- if you get multiple error codes , always work to solve problems in the order in which the error codes are displayed. Usually , solving the first error code will solve the suceeding ones.

- if the error code is not in the following table , then more in-depth troubleshooting is required

Code Description Action

161 or 0250 The battery is defective Replace the battery

162 or 0251 A change in device configuration Verify that
has occured - all external devices are
turned on
- all devices are properly
installed and securely

301 , 303 , 0211 A Keyboard error has occured Verify that
- Keyboard is proprerly
or 0212 connected

0280 Previous startup was incomplete The previous POST was not
Default Configuration was used completed successfully. Post
loads default values and offers
to run Setup

This error is cleaned and
repaired the next time
the computer is turned on

860x A pointing device or mouse error Verify that the pointing device
( x = any number) has occured or mouse is securely attached

Post Beep Codes

Another way for POST to notify you of error is through a series of beeps . Beeps are a series of ttones , in sets of one , two , or three. The beep pattern represents numeric values and provides further information about the location of a potential problem.

Beep Pattern Description Action

1-3 , 3-1 No on-screen message . Beeps Reset the RAM memory
occur before video initialization modules

1-3-1 RAM test has failed Reset the Ram modules

Here are some general guidelines for working on POST beeps

- Record any beep patterns that you hear . If you need expert help you will be asked for the beep patterns.

- If the beep patterns are not in this listing then more in-depth troubleshooting is required

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