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Sunday, August 13, 2006

IBM PC 25th Anniversary

IBM PC 25th Anniversary

Saturday August 12, 2006 marks the 25th anniversary of the introduction of the IBM Personal Computer.

The IBM PC was clearly one of the most significant systems ever introduced. It had a dramatic impact on the industry at the time, some of it real and some only perceived. It did, however, ultimately change the landscape and force an industry consolidation around PC compatibles, Intel chips and Microsoft operating systems.

Ultimately the PC killed the S-100 bus, CP/M and a host of companies that had tied their fortunes to those technologies.

Love it or hate it, the PC architecture and legacy lives on in virtually every windows box sold today.

In celebration of this milestone The Digibarn has put up a tribute page containing tons of PC information. IBM has an exhibit covering the debut of the IBM PC as well.

I am working on updating my IBM PC page with more information, pictures and other content. I've also updated my Magazines Catalog to include scans of many of the early PC magazines including PC Magazine, PC World Magazine, PC Tech Journal and Personal Computer Age Magazine.

And finally, I've created a rather poorly done video to celebrate the introduction of the PC that can be seen in large/high bandwidth and smaller/lower bandwidth versions. These videos are also being hosted at The Digibarn site.


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