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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Important information for people who hate to wait for important information Vintage Computer Manuals

Important Information for people who hate to wait for important information

Introducing the VAX 4000, the first server to put so much I/O power in such a small package. Because business problems can't wait

In business , time is money. Yet , too many people in too many businesses are spending too much time waiting - for information , for the data they need to do their best work. The solution is the right server. And the new VAX 4000 server system is the new computer wit the power to solve the problems that can't wait.

The VAX 4000 can do an incredible number of jobs incredibly well because it was built from the ground up to excel at the most demanding client/server workloads of the 90's. With three dedicated I/O processors each performing at 10 MIPS the VAX 4000 achieves 1600 I/Os per second and moves your network data at the maximum speed of Ethernet . With speed and performance like that , bottlenecks - and waiting - may well become a thing of the past.

This is one system that gives you a true balance between I/O power and CPU power.
With 8 VUPS of unconstrained CPU power , this is a machine built without compromises . As ine leading industry analyst wrote , "This is essentially putting a mainframe of three years ago at every distributed nod of an enterprise- wide solution."

Optional dual-host configurations ensure that your network will have unprecedented levels of high availability by offering automatic failover of key hardware components. With performance like that you may never again have to hear , "I'm sorry the computer system is down."

For all of its power, however , the VAX 4000 is remarkably small , about the size of a two drawer file cabinet, and remarkably quiet. And you don't even to wait to start using it . It uses ordinary power ; just plug it into any wall socket and go. You can put the VAX 4000 where it is needed - the office , the shop floor , the branch bank. Finally , you can put the main-frame class I/O performance where you need it at a price you can afford.

It's a solid investment for another reason : it's a VAX. Over 6,500 applications will run on your VAX 4000 as soon as it's installed. No waiting for software to be developed. And it protects the hardware investments you've already made, regardless of the vendor you purchased them from, because Digital's Network Application Support (NAS) allows the VAX 4000 to integrate applications running on MS_DOS , OS/2 and Macintosh PCs . multivendor UNIX- based workstations and VMS VAXstations into a single computing environment. It can also accomodate virtually any other device in a client server-server enviornments such as factory floor robots or ATMs, and can serve as the hub or a multi-vendor enterprise-wide network.

And because it's a VAX system , the VAX 4000 will work with any VAX you already own or may buy tomorrow . A VAX sysem will grow with your business . There's no need to convert your applications , retrain users or throw out your investments. The VAX 4000 is the latest example of what Digital is famous for for- saving customer's time . And time, of course is money .

Stop waiting , Call 1-800-343-4040 ext 5151 now for more information. We'll send you the whole VAX 4000 story. We think , you'll agree , it's important information.


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