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Friday, August 25, 2006

Microsoft Windows 3.0 Ad

ComputerWorld July 23 , 1990
Text from Microsoft Ad

Windows 3.0

Now , all it takes is a point and click and you're hooked.

It 's only fair to warn you that exposure to the new Microsoft Windows (Trade Mark) 3.0 has been linked to obsessive and habitual behaviour.

Because with a simple click of the mouse users can connect to the network , and even access and manage network resources. All without cumbresome keyboard commands.

Which means users are now able to share data. Not frustration.

While in the interest of time , the Windows 3.0 graphical user interfae was designed to be easy to learn. Neophytes , not to mention troglodytes will be up and running in no time . With virtually no training.

Now 286 / 386 machines running MS-DOS will no longer be limited to 640k. So there are no impediments.

Users can even enjoy a network connection and and at the same time satisfy the cravings of multiple applications.

And since Windows 3.0 has a modular setup program , a single copy now memorizes every user configuration on the network. Which means , so to speak , one size fits all.

Furthermore , Windows 3.o has redefined its relationship with IBM 3700 emulation programs. Users can now download corporate data and easily share it with Windows applications. Something we have come to call peacefull coexistence.

One last point . Because Windows 3.o has been optimized for machinew sith 1-2 megabytes of memory of RAM , it will go a long way towards protecting your hardware investment.

Call ( 800) 323-3577 , Department L21 , for a backgrounder that outlines
how Microsoft Windows 3.0 could benefit your corporation.

We're certain that you'll agree it's a habit well worth forming.


Making it all make sense


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