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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Ventura Publisher Introduces the Gold Series

Ventura Publisher Introduces the Gold Series
It simply does more , any way you look at it .

And now there are several ways to look at it. Because the desktop publisher that does more for you now does it in the three leading PC enviornments.

The Gold Series introduces new Ventura Publisher editions for DOS/GEM , Windows 3.0 and OS/2 Presentation Manager. That means new ease of use and learning as well as compatibility with hundreds more software applications . All three editions can use documents from Ventura Publisher 1.1. and 2.0 .

It does more than ever before

The Gold Series gives you much more than a choice of enviornments. At no extra cost , each edition includes our Professional Extension and Network Server . So you also get such advanced DTP features as interrative table creation and scientific equation editing , cross referencing , and vertical justification.

And you get networking . So several users can edit and proofread simultaneously as well as share stylesheets and network resources . On Nocell , IBM , 3COM , and other Windows - and OS/2 Presentation Manager -compatible networks.

Whether you,re designing a newsletter or publishing a directory , you'll do it faster and more effectively with Ventura Publisher . Unique features give you more flexible steps other programs make you repeat over and over.
Ventura Publisher is the one DTP program that can handle all your publishing and design projects.

If you want to do more in desktop publsihing , doesn't it make more sense to use the program that does the most ? Call today for more information about the new Ventura Pubisher Gold Series . (USA) ( 800) 822-8221; (800) 228-8579 in Canada . For training information , call ( 800) 445-5554 . Ventura Software Inc. , a Xerox company .

Ventura Publisher Gold Series
It simply does more


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