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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Vintage Computer Manuals VOLKSWRITER 3

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Features of Volkswriter 3 1985

Volkswriter 3 brings powerfull new capabilities to word processing

SPELLING VERIFICATION - A 170,000 word main dictionary, plus user-definable dictionary , make this one of the fastest and most powerfull spelling verification programs available

AUTOMATIC HYPHENATION - Volkswriter 3 hyphenates a long word falling at the margin , using a "soft" hyphen that is automatically deleted if reformatting moves the word away from the line end .

MATH AND SORTING - With Volkswriter 3 you can add, subtract , multiply, divide , perform percentage calculations using a constant. Multiple columns or rows
can be marked for simultaneous math processing. Sorting on any collumn can be done in ascending or decending order.

AUTOMATIC RFORMATTING - Reformatting occurs automatically whenever you make a change that affects the length of a line in a paragraph. Soft hyphens are inserted as part of the reformatting process.

GLOBAL REFORMATTING - Reformat any marked block , even the entire document , in a single operation .

HIDDEN SPECIAL EFFECTS MARKERS - Special Symbols used to indicate a change of font or typestyle , or the end of a paragraph, are not displayed unless you choose to see them.

DECIMAL TABS - Decimal tabs permit easy alignment of numbers in columns.

QUEUED PRINTING - You can choose to have your documents queued for printing , while you work on another task (DOS 3.0 or later required ). Other new printing feautures include printing any number of copies and automatic printing of envelopes.

DCA RFT CONVERSION - Conversion from IBM's DCA RFT to Volkswriter (ASCII) text format to DCA RFT, are now provided.

EXPANDED DIRECTORY - At the Main Menu, you can enter DOS "wildcards" with the Directory function for example , a list of only your documents with the extension .LTR .

CASE-INSENSITIVE SEARCHES - With the very fast Search function , you can ignore or respect capitilazation.

VIDEO ENHANCEMENTS - Fast , flicker-free display is now provided with many compters , including the IBM 3270 PC, the COMPAQ, and the AT&T 6300.

Volkswriter 3 contains the advances introduced in earlier versions of Volkswriter, including:

IBM ENHANCED GRAPHICS MODE - You get fast , flicker-free display with the IBM color monitor or the IBM Enhanced Graphics Adapter. Using the EGA, Volkswriter 3 can display 43 lines on the screen at one time, in monochrome or color, instead of the usual 25 lines. For details on how to switch into and out of the 43-line mode , see Appendix A.

IBM TOPVIEW - Volkswriter 3 is designed to operate with TOpView , IBM's windowing enviornment . Feautures of Volkswriter 3 operating with TopViw include :

- The display can be windowed and sized using TopView functions.

- TopViews Cut and Paste Functions are fully supported

- The use of a mouse is supported.

- When waiting for a keyboard input , Volkswriter relinquishes control of the microprocessor to TopView , so background applications can operate at maximum speed.

IBM PC-AT HIGH SPEED KEYBOARD - The PC-AT keyboard can be set to repeat at any rate up to 30 characters persecond, three times the normal speed.

ADJUSTS TO TWO MONITORS - If you have a color and monochrome monitors , you can switch easily between them by means of the DOS mode command.

ADDITIONAL PRINTERS SUPPORTED - The number of printers supported has been increased.

IBM PC-NETWORK SUPPORT - You can install Volkswriter 3 on the IBM PC Network.

The Tutorial diskette contains a file called FEATURES that provides more detail on some of the new features of Volkswriter 3 , the file called DEMO lets you try them out.

Vintage Computer Manuals


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