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Monday, September 11, 2006

Russian Computer Mice

Vintage Russian Computer Mice

( Mouses , Mices)

Do you remember the first Russian laptop? Here come the first Russian mice. The design is alike, it should be classy things at that time, 16-17 years ago. Which one do you like the most?

Thanks to the collector Sergei Frolov, for sharing with us such rare photos.

This mice were used by Soviet computer users in 1986-1994 while probably creating some new sort of “MIR” space station, which was never built though. What pitty.

So, the mice:

first russian computer mice collection

The cord is nice, nowadays the fashion for such cords return.

first russian computer mice collection

I can translate what is written on the mouse back side - “The Manipulator For Graphical Information”

first russian computer mice collection

And on this one there is written “The Mouse”. Keep it simple.

first russian computer mice collection

Here it is seen clearly. “The Mouse” also is drawn on the mouse.

first russian computer mice collection

That’s one I like the most. It is said that the both buttons have letters on them “L”-left and “R”-right, in order not to mistaken. How often do you confuse mouse buttons?

first russian computer mice collection

For some reason the ball is missing. The red digits - this is a Soviet inventory number, was used in the govermental companies for better control of the equipment. There is a word “Price ____” embossed into the plastic, that’s a post Soviet phenomena. During the Soviet era the price was embossed into plastic parts of practically every item being sold in the shop, because the goverment set up the price for each item.

first russian computer mice collection

This one is a Genius clone, you can see Genius original mouse behind this white one.

Those things are classy, probably if some contemporary mouse designers can be inspired with such images for making a high tech laser optic wireless lightweight replicas of those ones. Who knows. I’ve seen a lot of cords lately styled for the first mouse cord, maybe that is the beginning.


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