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Monday, September 04, 2006

Soviet Strategy

Computerworld July 23 , 1990

Letters to the Editor:

Soviet Strategy

Regarding your editorial "Talk is Cheap" (Computer World June 11 , 1990) which discusses the ramifications of selling US. computer equipment to the Soviet Union at reduced prices , the emphasis was on buying and selling.

In the world of business today , some of the most important words are "negotiate" and "compomise." Why then , do the vendors not lease the computer equipment to them with a buy option ? With sophisticated Soviet programming services or Western based programming services and the Soviet transfer to a market economy , a vast uncharted market could be better explored .

Business process development based on profit motivation is the key to highly effective utilization of any hardware and software programming service . This lack of business process knowledge will vastly decrease the efficiency of any capital expenditure , regardless of the capital application metholdogy employed , American understanding of this business process services the need for U.S. persons to be employed in this capacity.

Shows of good faith on both the U.S. and Soviet sides would increase the chance of global peace and productivity . Ultimately , this should be our common goal.

Chris James Mitchell
Vice-President of Operations
Anna Christine Micheal
Unisoft Corp.
Raleigh , N.C.


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