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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Kalok Octagon KL-230

Kalok Octagon KL-230
Kalok was founded by a former Seagate engineer, the same man who had been largely responsible for the ST-225. The company seemed to live on the edge of bankruptcy most of the time, and later morphed into JTS. Like all Kalok drives, the KL-230s had a dreadful reputation but we always found this model pretty good. We never saw new ones, only second-hand, so maybe all the duds had already expired by then.

Picture: A Kalok Octagon 330 — essentially an RLL certified 230 — with Western Digital 1002A-WX1 MFM XT controller. Western Digital had missed out on the biggie — the IBM contract for the XT, but they soon established themselves as the controller manufacturer of choice.

Performance 0.19 Reliability AA2
Data rate 5 Mbit/sec Spin rate 3600 RPM
Seek time 48ms Actuator Stepper
Platter capacity 10.5MB Interface MFM
AT drive type 2 or 6 Form 3.5" half-height
KL-230 21MB 4 thin-film heads
KL-330 30MB 4 thin-film heads


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